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These lovely puppies have joined new families and we love it when we get photos!
If you have one of our puppies, please send us a photo and we will proudly post it here!

Please note that most litters are "colour coded" so it is easy to look for litter mates!

Jessi (below) is loving the snow and she is the best big sister-dog ever! These two cannot get enough of eachother. Elise's first word was not Mama or Dada... It was 'Jessi'!

These two were lucky enough to go to the same home:
"I thought I'd send you a few photos of our wonderful pups in their new home. They are adjusting very well! They're very smart and catching onto the house training quickly. They absolutely love to play and snuggle with my family and with each other. We are very happy to welcome them into our family!! Thanks once again for our amazing pups!"

The three littermates below basically went to the same home!
The mother took Emma; her sixteen year old daughter got Ivy, and the grandmother has Bear!

"These dogs (below) are great and you do good poodle! You helped put a lot of fun in our lives!"

"Lexi (below) reached the summit of Mt. Benson on the Canada Day weekend. You can also see her "relaxing" further down the trail! She’s still a brat but we love her! "

My name is Lexi and I am the new baby poodle in Norm and Monica’s house. I’m only 9 weeks old, and my parents are also Sambo’s Mommy and Daddy...I guess that makes us brother and sister just from a different batch of puppies and almost 2 years apart! Sambo and I love to play together, he’s a little rough though, but I’m gonna be teaching him a thing or two in just a couple more months!

The following photos are of Sambo. (6/25/2010 litter)
Sire: "Dante" Can. Ch. Khalsa's Dante Teddy Chia "
Dam: "Sam" Ch. Khalsa's Sensational Samantha

His owner says, "I can hardly wait to wake up in the morning, so that I can experience the “Sambo effect!" He is such a neat dog, I find myself totally intrigued with him...he comes up with the wildest ideas sometimes!!! He loves being on top of me, always looking for pets and scratches.

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